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I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye

Twenty-five sets of parents explain what happened to their child or children and how, afterwards, they channeled their grief constructively by setting up memorials for their child or children, working as volunteers, getting their cause through the legislature and, for some, turning to spirituality. In addition to helping themselves, these parents also help others and give advfice to those still having difficulty living in a world without their child. Photos of most of the children are also in the back of the book to get an idea of what they looked like. Those not bereaved will find this book helpful in learning how to deal with and what to say to a grieving parent.

Creating a New Normal...After the Death of a Child

In the eighty coping and informational strategies in article form, readers will learn how to get through the holidays, read 10 inspirational stories from those who have been there, delve into the abundant resource section and read a variety of book descriptions of other literature in the field. Topics include anger, journaling, taking care of yourself, making a marriage work, childless issues, preserving a child's memory, grief triggers, confrontin negative statements, workplace grief, recognizinf guilt, how men and women grieve, forgiveness, going to the cemetery, imspirational music, signs from our children, finding organizations for volunteering, how to start a support group, starting a foundation and many more. The book has won four awards: finalist in the Health/Death and Dying category of the "Best Books 2010" awards, sponsored by USA Book News; a finalist in ForeWord Reviews "2010 Best Books" awards; a finalist in the self-help category of the "2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards," and a second place in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards.

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